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2 min read

Jaguar in-car payment system, Digital Innovation no. 9

Modern life comes with modern conveniences. Thanks to Jaguar’s digital innovation, drivers of (some of) their cars are now able to head to a Shell petrol station and pay for their gas without having to wait behind customers buying magazines, coffee, or crisps. The Jaguar in-car payment system has arrived. Put it on the Plastic […]

3 min read

Affiliates: a growing source of secondary revenue

The internet has been the source of both destruction and creation for retail. While signalling the end for many traditional brick-and-mortar stores, unable or unwilling to keep pace with the digital revolution, the internet has also brought about the rise of ecommerce, where consumers can enjoy increased choice and retailers are able to compete for […]

2 min read

Mercedes Drones Delivery Van, no. 8 in the Digital Innovations report

The “last mile” has hindered retailers for a very long time. The delivery of goods, or the connection of a network at its final stage, can account for 28% the total costs to move goods. This represents a disproportionately large chunk of a retailers’ budget. But has Mercedes’ digital innovation drone delivery system just put […]

5 min read

Webloyalty presents: Inside Olio, a food sharing digital innovation

Food waste is a major issue in the United Kingdom, and one that has been a bugbear for food retailers nationwide. Digital Innovation has taken place in the last few years, steps have been taken by most major supermarket chains to reduce the problem, including Tesco’s pledge to end edible food waste by March 2018. […]

2 min read

Ocado Warehouse Robotics – no. 7 in the Digital Innovations report

Not to be outdone by Amazon’s incredible logistical advancements in digital innovation, Ocado has produced a robotic army of its own, helping the grocery retailer to pack orders in their fulfilment centres. This innovation has helped Ocado speed up delivery times while cutting down on expensive human labour. These are all benefits which have been […]

4 min read

Improve secondary revenue with external loyalty and rewards programmes

We already know that technology plays a double-edged role in consumer loyalty. With the expansion of global eCommerce retail, merchants are enjoying a larger market than ever before, consumers themselves are also aware of the options that internet retail has brought forward. As of 2015, the average UK consumer “traveled” – or at least their […]

3 min read

MasterCard Selfie Payment Verification – Digital Innovation no. 6

Technology that was once only seen on the silver screen is now commonplace on a mobile phone, sitting in your back pocket. Both Android and iOS mobiles have biometric capabilities, and 2017 was the year that MasterCard latest digital innovation saw fit to put this cutting-edge technology to good use and end the bane of […]