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2 min read

Adapting business models and secure alternate revenue streams

Secondary revenue streams are no longer a choice… but a necessity. As we navigate our way through this pandemic, we can see retailers adapting to new models to safeguard their future within incoming cash. Where alternative revenue streams may have been overlooked previously, retailers are looking to all possible options to generate new revenue.  At […]

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5 min read

How to use Behavioural Economics to boost online conversion and retention

Behavioural economics has been around for a long time, but its popularity over the past decade has begun to soar to new heights as more and more companies look towards behavioural insights to improve the customer experience and build relationships with customers to achieve competitive edge. While the adoption of Behavioural Economics in the physical […]

3 min read

Retailers solve consumer pain points with technology innovations

Retailers around the world have been focusing on making ordering and delivery easier for customers and they have been using advanced technology to do so. Over the past few years, the Digital Retail Innovations Report has tracked how retailers use technology to solve customers’ problems. The report has unveiled how organisations use artificial intelligence (AI), […]

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Progress comes from understanding and the sharing of knowledge. Our insights provides shopper intelligence that delivers:

Results – what works best to encourage and reward loyal behaviours
Relevance – more tailored, targeted, meaningful shopper interactions
Optimisation – smarter experiences through continuous testing and learning