Webloyalty appoints Ben Stirling as Managing Director, Northern Europe

Webloyalty has bolstered its senior leadership team with the appointment of Ben Stirling as Managing Director, Northern Europe.

Joining the company from Expedia Partner Solutions, Ben Stirling has extensive knowledge of building effective partnerships and managing the successful growth of new divisions. Prior to this, Ben’s previous role was in digital marketing as a director of sales for a London search marketing agency.

With a proven track record in driving business growth through eCommerce, Ben Stirling will be responsible for continuing to lead the successful implementation of secondary revenue streams with UK-based retailers. As part of his role, he will oversee the continued development of Webloyalty’s mobile offering and support ongoing growth within European markets.

Ben’s experience and expertise in the travel sector will also benefit the business, as it continues to partner with online leisure, travel and entertainment providers to offer additional income streams.

We asked Ben about the new role…

What excites you the most about joining Webloyalty?

“Webloyalty is at a very exciting stage in its business lifecycle, we have a core offering that has been very successful and still is, yet we also have new technological advancements that will significantly enhance the value of our existing offering and provide new avenues to drive revenue. For me, building new revenue channels through technology is one of the most exciting elements of being in business!”

What is your focus in the first 90 days?

“I’m a big fan of creating a business map, not a plan as plans change, but clarity on the end outcome is key. Throughout my first 90 days I will getting to know the business as it operates today, understanding the great successes that have been achieved and working with such an experienced and knowledgeable team to define our future.”

Where do you see the industry headed in the future?

“I believe that through technology and data advancements brands have an ability to better meet consumer needs by providing more personalised engagement solutions that enhance customer experience and in turn drive loyalty. The question I am asking myself at the moment is “what would the customers of our clients say about their business, based on what we bring to the partnership?” understanding this will help shape our offering and enable us to provide even more effective partner solution to meet their business needs.”