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2 min read

Research reviews best performing retail sectors

The future of retail and its sectors are being driven by uneven growth. In the last Webloyalty blog, The current state of retail and its growth rates, we showed an overview of how retail sectors were affected by the recession. Some sectors are performing very well, others are continuing to struggle. This week’s  blog reviews […]

2 min read

Understanding your customer

The slowdown in the economy has created a more demanding, more discriminating customer. Consumers are thinking more carefully about what and why they’re purchasing. In turn, this means retailers have to work much harder at interpreting and delivering what customers want and value. Unfortunately, this task has been made much more complicated by the fragmented […]

2 min read

How we’re shopping

The emergence and adoption of new technologies is having a significant impact on the consumer purchasing process The rise of mcommerce In relation to mobile technology – and smartphones in particular –  is blurring the lines as to where consumers are shopping, with the modern consumer being able to purchase from anywhere. Mobile as a […]

2 min read

The UK High Street: the evolving role of the physical store

Outlook for space and stores: changing space requirements. UK retail is overcapacity, an issue that online is only serving to exacerbate – latest Webloyalty research reveals. Retail overcapacity is slowly being re-corrected, with the exiting of the market of some weaker players and the downsizing of store portfolios among others. The evolving role of retailers over […]

2 min read

The current state of retail and its growth rates

Webloyalty today continues to uncover the truth behind where the retail industry is heading. Last week’s blog was retail expenditure and the future of retail, and this week looks at retail spending and its associated growth rates. Presented in the recent report, Webloyalty: The future of retail, this is what is predicted for the upcoming […]

1 min read

The Future of Retail: the evolving role of physical locations

This is a snippet from Webloyalty’s The Future of Retail research report. The transfer of spend to online is evolving the role of stores as fulfillment centres. In addition to reducing physical space requirements, online is also evolving the role of physical stores. One of the most important trends has been the proliferation of click & collect […]

2 min read

The impact of mobile on multichannel retail

This week’s Webloyalty blog looks at insights from our research on the impact of mobile on multichannel retail. Throughout the last few decades, the emergence of a number of new channels has given consumers the opportunity to shop how, when and where they want. Developments have been rapid and have changed the retail landscape so […]