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2 min read

UK Online Shoppers Visit 16 Retail Websites per week

Looking at our soon-to-be-released report on the Connected Consumer, we explore the behaviour of UK online shoppers. 16 retail websites visited each week With the vast majority of people owning at least one device that can access the internet, today’s consumer is truly connected. On average, online consumers spend some 225 minutes per week shopping […]

3 min read

Easter spending predicted to rise as consumer confidence in economy increases

With Easter fast approaching, new research by leading ecommerce partner Webloyalty reveals an expected increase in retail spending over the Easter period. 3.2% growth in the overall Easter retail market is predicted this year, despite continuing consumer concerns about personal finances. Spending on food and drink is expected to increase notably to £2.1bn – a […]

2 min read

The future of retail: who’s spending?

Over the past few weeks the Webloyalty team has been discussing insights taken from a recent research report looking at the future of retail. Today we would like to introduce the next section, looking at the findings. Who’s spending? According to the retail report, while the consumer economy is set to experience a relative recovery up […]

2 min read

Research reviews best performing retail sectors

The future of retail and its sectors are being driven by uneven growth. In the last Webloyalty blog, The current state of retail and its growth rates, we showed an overview of how retail sectors were affected by the recession. Some sectors are performing very well, others are continuing to struggle. This week’s  blog reviews […]

2 min read

How we’re shopping

The emergence and adoption of new technologies is having a significant impact on the consumer purchasing process The rise of mcommerce In relation to mobile technology – and smartphones in particular –  is blurring the lines as to where consumers are shopping, with the modern consumer being able to purchase from anywhere. Mobile as a […]

2 min read

The current state of retail and its growth rates

Webloyalty today continues to uncover the truth behind where the retail industry is heading. Last week’s blog was retail expenditure and the future of retail, and this week looks at retail spending and its associated growth rates. Presented in the recent report, Webloyalty: The future of retail, this is what is predicted for the upcoming […]

1 min read

The Future of Retail: the evolving role of physical locations

This is a snippet from Webloyalty’s The Future of Retail research report. The transfer of spend to online is evolving the role of stores as fulfillment centres. In addition to reducing physical space requirements, online is also evolving the role of physical stores. One of the most important trends has been the proliferation of click & collect […]