UK Online Shoppers Visit 16 Retail Websites per week

Looking at our soon-to-be-released report on the Connected Consumer, we explore the behaviour of UK online shoppers.

16 retail websites visited each week

With the vast majority of people owning at least one device that can access the internet, today’s consumer is truly connected.

On average, online consumers spend some 225 minutes per week shopping online. Across the course of a year, this adds to around 8 days spend shopping online. The average consumer visits around 16 retail websites per week, even if just to browse.

60 days a year spent online

Although in the scheme of things smartphones, tablets and e-readers are all relatively new inventions, they are things that consumers have rapidly adopted and integrated into their lives.

This integration is evidenced by the fact that we collectively spend a huge proportion of our time using our devices to access the internet – some 60 days a year on average.

It’s more effective to shop online

It is interesting, however, that while gadgets do absorb a lot of our time they have also allowed us to be more effective at undertaking tasks like shopping. The portability of devices like tablets allows us to do tasks, like grocery shopping, while travelling or waiting around – time that may otherwise be underutilised.

Guy from Webloyalty“With consumers more attracted than ever to the convenience of online shopping, retailers need to ensure that they have an attractive and convenient presence online to improve revenue. The fact that the value of connected devices has doubled in the last decade is a testament to this, and it will only continue to rise with the improvement of technology in the future. Retailers need to be prepared to provide powerful apps and tools to aid the future consumer.” Guy Chiswick, Webloyalty

Look out for the full Connected Consumer report, which will be out on Monday (9th March) and available to download for free.

You can read the Methodology behind the research here.

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