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3 min read

Amazon Echo – Number One in the Digital Innovations Report

The demand from consumers for innovation in the retail industry has never been higher. This year, as has been the case for years, we saw retailers respond with resilience. The innovation of key e-commerce giants, Amazon among then, has maximized revenue even during a year of uncertain and unpredictable economic weather. Amazon’s large retail presence […]

2 min read

Webloyalty reading list – 17 January

Artificial Intelligence, future retail predictions, lingerie ecommerce and voice search. Webloyalty’s picks for great retail reads this week. 3 predictions for the future of retail – from the CEO of Walmart World Economic Forum “It’s up to retailers to adapt to the changing retailing environment and in some areas even lead the way, or they’ll […]

7 min read

How AI will change the retail experience

The rise of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is happening right now at a retailer near you Consumer habits have changed dramatically in the last decade. Bricks-and-mortar and online retailers have undergone profound transformations and will continue to evolve thanks to innovations pulled straight out of sci-fi novels. Machine learning, neural nets and AI are becoming buzzwords […]

4 min read

The future of online fashion retail is already here

There’s good news for the UK retailing fashion industry as the clothing and accessories market is expected to reach a value of £46bn by 2017 (up 19% from 2012), according to Fashion retail 2014 – The future of fashion retailing in a digital age. While the last few years have been challenging, they’ve spurred many […]

1 min read

Holiday research infographic – Digital Destinations

This holiday research infographic looks at the key findings from Webloyalty’s Digital Destinations report. Join the discussion on Twitter @WebloyaltyUK Researching our holiday 43% of us use TripAdvisor 22% look at holiday brochures 26% of us use Facebook for research Booking our holiday One in four use price comparison sites 73% of us book our holidays […]

1 min read

Digital transforming the holiday experience

How do Brits holiday? Webloyalty partnered with TNS to find out how people research and book holidays. This research revealed that eight out of ten Brits can’t go away without being online while abroad. Only 16% of Brits turn off all their devices when they go on holiday. ‘Digital Destinations’ highlights the different ways consumers approach […]

2 min read

The UK High Street: the evolving role of the physical store

Outlook for space and stores: changing space requirements. UK retail is overcapacity, an issue that online is only serving to exacerbate – latest Webloyalty research reveals. Retail overcapacity is slowly being re-corrected, with the exiting of the market of some weaker players and the downsizing of store portfolios among others. The evolving role of retailers over […]