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2 min read

Retail stores are losing ground

This week, the Webloyalty team discusses the reason why there have been so many stores that have lost momentum. It has been quite apparent that the number of retail stores shutting on our high streets in recent years is growing. In the UK, the number of stores has fallen by around 40,000 over the last […]

1 min read

Retail spending and growth rates by sector

The home-related and entertainment sectors are set to struggle over the next five years Although overall retail growth will be more subdued over the next five years, totalling 14.3% (including inflation) across the 2013-17 period, there is significant variation by retail sector. Food & groceryAs a needs driven market, the food and grocery sector will […]

1 min read

Downturn caused growth in spending to be halved

The recession has severely dampened growth rates in retail. The chart below shows the growth rate for consumer retail expenditure. From 2007 onwards we have two lines. The red line shows the actual growth rate and, obviously, accounts for the recession and downturn over this period. The blue line shows our forecast for what would have […]

2 min read

What avenue is winning market share in retail?

Here at Webloyalty, we know that consumer shopping habits are changing and are impacting stores share of retail. Currently, retail stores remain at the forefront in their share of sales. However, stores sales are declining as a result of alternative routes provided via online shopping and mobile channels. New paths to purchaseWhilst physical stores remain […]