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3 min read

It’s a Merry Christmas for UK retailers

According to a Webloyalty report on UK Christmas Trends for 2015, this year’s holiday season is looking promising for UK retailers. On average, consumers will devote 10 hours to spend their overall budget of £442, which includes gifts, food and drink and seasonal non-food items, for a total estimated at £16.481 billion in total Christmas […]

4 min read

How to Build Your Brand for Today’s Consumer

Today’s fickle shopper means that having a strong brand is more important than ever. Guy Chiswick, Managing Director of Webloyalty Northern Europe, discusses five areas which retailers should focus on when trying to create a strong brand identity to attract the modern customer.  How to build your brand In today’s hyper-competitive market, bricks and mortar […]

2 min read

How we’re shopping

The emergence and adoption of new technologies is having a significant impact on the consumer purchasing process The rise of mcommerce In relation to mobile technology – and smartphones in particular –  is blurring the lines as to where consumers are shopping, with the modern consumer being able to purchase from anywhere. Mobile as a […]

1 min read

How to drive customer loyalty online

In today’s economic environment, the online market is saturated. There are a number of retailers who are able to offer the same goods, sometimes at the same price. To a certain extent, this means that customers are able to navigate from one online retailer to the next in order to compare the products they want […]

1 min read

The rise of the social shopper

Research released by Webloyalty predicts a rise in ‘social shopping’ and that 31% of High Street stores will close by 2020. New research commissioned by eCommerce partner Webloyalty into the future of retail, reveals that the rising tide of online shopping is radically altering the shape of the High Street and the way in which […]

1 min read

How to combat the abandoned shopping cart

This week, the Webloyalty team discusses the reason why online carts are abandoned at the last minute and looks at how retailers can start to combat this issue.

1 min read

Online Retail: could it be love at first sight?

Here at Webloyalty, we believe that a retailer’s attempt to attract consumers is much like trying to get that first date. It involves a similar “chase”, a process of “engagement” and eventually, once that ‘date’ or encounter is secured, it’s all about working to build a loyal and long-lasting relationship.