What the experts say: Building engaging experiences online

Capturing the attention of today’s consumer is getting more and more difficult over time and in 2022, the landscape of the retail industry has changed to unprecedented circumstances. Now more than ever, it’s up to retailers to build engaging experiences to ensure they are not only enticing new customers but also retaining their attention too.

Webloyalty sponsored The Retail Bulletin’s Digital eCommerce Transformation webinar and spoke with a panel of retailers and technologists to discuss key aspects of the online customer experience, such as how to build an engaging website, strategies for retention and best practices for optimising customer journeys from homepage to checkout.

Speaking on the webinar is Webloyalty’s Senior Director of New Business Development, Richard Piper alongside Victoria Betts, Chief Commercial Officer at Unbound Group, Mei Chen, Head of Fashion & Luxury at Alibaba Group, Chris Delahunty, Head of Digital at Upfield, and Neil Tunbridge, Co-Founder of Mellow.store.

Watch the full webinar below.

Author Bio
Richard Piper is the Senior Director of New Business Development at Webloyalty. Richard has over 11 years of working with B2B companies, helping clients generate additional revenue while providing their customers with valuable offers and services.