Secondary revenue

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4 min read

Advertising as a secondary revenue option

Traditionally, companies have used paid advertising as a way to promote their own stock and convince the consumer that what they were selling was worth buying. And while that’s still the case, the advent of internet retail has turned advertising on its head to become a potential source of secondary revenue, rather than cost, for […]

3 min read

Affiliates: a growing source of secondary revenue

The internet has been the source of both destruction and creation for retail. While signalling the end for many traditional brick-and-mortar stores, unable or unwilling to keep pace with the digital revolution, the internet has also brought about the rise of ecommerce, where consumers can enjoy increased choice and retailers are able to compete for […]

4 min read

Improve secondary revenue with external loyalty and rewards programmes

We already know that technology plays a double-edged role in consumer loyalty. With the expansion of global eCommerce retail, merchants are enjoying a larger market than ever before, consumers themselves are also aware of the options that internet retail has brought forward. As of 2015, the average UK consumer “traveled” – or at least their […]

3 min read

Improve your revenue with cross-sell

As with all facets of modern life, the internet has dramatically changed the world of business. The ease with which consumers can turn away from a business to find a better deal elsewhere – anywhere – has resulted in falling profit margins on the traditional, core products of most companies. In turn, this has led […]

4 min read

Secondary revenue can smooth cashflow bumps

There’s no denying the UK’s retail sector is in turmoil as the union is plotting its divorce from the EU. A shift in consumer spending, higher wages and business rates, and a weaker pound are all conspiring to squeeze retailers’ sales and profits. In order to bear the brunt of this perfect storm, many retailers […]

1 min read

Beyond the Core research report

Download a free copy of our Beyond the Core report. We partnered with the BRC to produce a study into how UK retailers are looking beyond core offerings to drive new revenue streams. Key Findings include: 67% of retailers derive at least 1% of their revenue from secondary sources with around 18% generating at least […]