Wowcher Case study: Generating bottom-line revenue from moment of launch

Partner goals

Wowcher approached Webloyalty to mitigate lost revenues for their international travel-related business during Covid by building a secondary revenue stream.

Key requirements

Easily implemented

To find a solution that could be easily implemented, without putting undue strain on internal resources – generating revenue from day one.

Zero fees

To implement a zero-fee solution which generates bottom-line revenue from the moment it is launched

Minimal maintenance

To have a setup process that enables revenue enhancement solution simply.

Partner outcomes

Increased profitability
Our revenue generation solution instantly delivered significant bottom-line revenue from the moment the programme launched. Following continuous optimisation from our dedicated Account Management team, Webloyalty is now responsible for up to 4% of Wowcher’s profitability contributions.

Increased profit margin
On top of meeting Wowcher’s key objectives, Webloyalty also achieved a 25% increase in profit margin for items under £10. This meant that highconverting, impulse purchases of products under £10 could finally be given more prominence in marketing spend – previously not promoted due to costs outweighing profitability.

Largest secondary revenue stream
Webloyalty has now become Wowcher’s largest ancillary revenue driver, responsible for over 33% of the business’ secondary revenue contributions with minimal resource requirements cannibalising the bottom line.

Key results

Up to 4% of Wowcher’s profitability contributions

25% increase in profit margin

33% of business secondary revenue contributions


“We’ve been able to find value in marketing lower cash margin, higher frequency products as the return on investment increases greatly with Webloyalty’s service. The real value of Webloyalty is that it is extremely simple to implement, requires almost no management bandwidth and it doesn’t cannibalise core site revenues.”

George Oborne
Director of Innovation, Wowcher
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