Secret Sales

Developing a whole new business strategy with secondary revenue


Secret Sales were looking to find a partner that didn’t cause attrition to the customer journey.

Webloyalty were able to help identify a new strategy for Secret Sales with the development of a secondary revenue stream.

Number of employees
51-200 employees

Our Solution

It was essential for Secret Sales to find a partner that allowed a secondary revenue stream to be generated from the get-go in order to compete successfully in the competitive Retail market. The simple setup of our solution meant we were able to open up a new opportunity for Secret Sales while giving their customers a more rewarding experience. Our rewards platform, Complete Savings, was the perfect solution.

Key Outcomes

Webloyalty helped Secret Sales combat media inflation and increased competition in the Retail industry by offering their customers a rewards platform that incentivises consumer spending, and simultaneously develops a healthy revenue stream.


Projected Forecast for Year 1

Our revenue enhancement solution can deliver significant revenue for Secret Sales, with projected forecast of £200k inside the first year of implementation.


Secondary Revenue Stream

We are now Secret Sales’ leading secondary revenue provider, being 1 of 2 partners. With very simple integration of our tool, we were able to easily contribute the largest amount of secondary revenue.

Chris Griffin

The ability to identify a partner as a secondary revenue stream has opened up a completely new strategy for the business allowing us to re-invest funds into marketing at times of media inflation and increased competition. There are a number of businesses out there that find partners that detract from the customer journey and that was extremely important for us ensuring we didn’t go down that route. Finding a relationship like this which is additive to our customer experience and not distracting has been critical in our approach.

Chris Griffin
CEO - Secret Sales

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About Secret Sales

Secret Sales is one of the UK’s leading off-price retailers that gives customers access to exclusive discounts on thousands of leading luxury designer brands. Founded in 2007, Secret Sales provides their customers with offers on clothing trends, homeware and cosmetics at over 700+ of the world’s leading luxury designers.

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